Someone For Me to Love (epub)

Someone For Me to Love (epub)
Someone For Me to Love (epub) Someone For Me to Love (epub)
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The epub version of Someone For Me to Love

David Clark,
Published by: A Book's Mind, August 2012

The heartwarming story of a young ladies' journey into womanhood and her search for love and romance.

The time is the early 1950’s. Angeline White lives in restrained wealth; raised by her Aunt after the untimely death of her mother. At the moment of gaining her majority she is astonished by revelations that even though she has been prepared to hear them; they are still startling and yet at the same time significantly emancipating. She sets out on her voyage into life’s mysteries. She finds herself unwittingly following a mysterious conundrum that her departed mother has delicately posed to lead her to answers she is seeking. We watch as she uses a strong sense of self worth and the confidence that she can accomplish anything that she is willing to work at to find and understand those answers. Along the way she finds humor, accomplishment, friendship, many kinds of love and of course; passion and the romance that she has dreamed of.

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