The Dominion-Heir

The Dominion-Heir
The Dominion-Heir The Dominion-Heir
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Challenge the mind, ignite passion, and re-direct personal strengths.

Andre E. Matthews
Published by: A Book's Mind, October 2012
Soft cover, 180 pages

Challenge the mind, ignite passion, and re-direct personal strengths.

In this first of a trilogy series, Andre Matthews poses several scenarios in which the reader must recognize their sphere of influence, identify their inner strengths, and manage whatever resources have been released into their personal lives. We’re reminded of our manifold responsibility to manage well whatever has been placed before us. He goes to great lengths to challenge you to acknowledge your position for influence, recover mantles, and accept   spontaneously timed inspiration that emanates from our heavenly Father!   

“In a day when men find it hard to be original, Bishop Andre Matthews took the time to discover the genius inside. After reading this book your genius will be polished, and the potential to walk in what you already are (a Kingdom Dominion-Heir) will awaken in you!”

-    Apostle John L. Evans, Apostles Gathering

“I believe God will use this masterfully written book to help activate Kingdom Dominion in the earthly spheres, this is because it shows the reader a practical way to gain access to the Father and His Throne-room which releases God’s Heirs to their divine Kingdom authority.”       
-    Bishop Brian Alton, Senior Pastor and Founder of Desert Rose Community
    Church, Chancellor of Gateway International Bible Institute (GIBI)

“The ‘Dominion-Heir’ concept is full of volumes of power waiting to be demonstrated in the lives of those who want more. Step forward.”
-    Reverend Debra L. Matthews, Senior Pastor, FreshFire Fellowship Church

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